Search Delimiters

We’re making search delimiters consistent across the Assets app and Widen Collective API v2.0.

• Kyle Ferris

New Product Information Endpoints

Widen’s Entries application organizes your product information such as manufacturing specs, marketing copy, and digital assets in one user-friendly system. Endpoints for Products and Channels have been added to Widen’s public API to allow you to import, enrich, and export this product information to other systems in your technology...

• Xiuming Chen

Empty Metadata Handling

For better consistency and ongoing support of the Widen Collective API v2.0, we’re planning on releasing a change that impacts supplying and retrieving empty metadata values.

• Dan Beghin & Stephen Coakley

Pagination in Search

Pagination is an essential tool for effectively managing large result sets. The Widen API offers two methods of paginating search results from the v2 asset search endpoint: offset and scroll. Offset-based pagination is suitable for user interfaces, while scroll-based pagination facilitates automated consumption of search data. We will give...

• Kyle Ferris

Early Access Toggles

High reliability and dependability of the Widen Collective API are imperative for our customers and their critical integrations. As we pursue giving our customers the best possible experience, we've launched Early Access Toggles to safely support early access to new functionality.

• Cory Forseth