Hello World!

• Dan Beghin & Cory Forseth

Welcome to the Widen Developer blog, a place to learn about important changes to the Widen Collective API.

While we already have comprehensive documentation of our V1 and V2 APIs, which we update regularly, we found it hard to highlight specific changes that may affect how your integrations work.

In an effort to more effectively communicate these changes, and to highlight our ongoing development of new features, we’ve created this space. In the future, you can expect to see posts here detailing things like:

  • upcoming bug fixes and how to know if you’re effected by the bug
  • new endpoints and how they might be used in your integrations
  • deprecation of endpoints that are not heavily used and a migration path so your integrations continue to work
  • availability of early access toggles and what functionality will change when the toggle is enabled
  • example integrations to give you an idea of the cool things our customers do with the API

Have thoughts on what other types of content would be useful to see here? Send us a note at engineering@widen.com.